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I like this one if they find oil the stock should move.


Anglo Canadian Oil Corp.

Anglo Canadian Oil Corp. has a commanding land position in the Valleyview/ Grande Prairie/Rycroft region of northwestern Alberta, Canada. Encompassing 269 sections (68,864 ha), Anglo's 100% owned tract of potential Nordegg bearing oil shale has a potential resource of 6.47 billion barrels of oil (AJM P50 estimate June 2010). Anglo's goal is to prove the amount of oil on its lands and begin commercial production.

Apparently, successful activity within the Nordegg Member oil fairway has been reported. A major player active in the area reported a Nordegg horizontal well completed with a multi-stage frac had produced 500 BOE/d with 400 bbl/d oil in initial flow back tests. Anglo's Ante Creek Nordegg lands are on trend with this well, which is approximately 30 miles from Anglo's lands. The same company had also drilled a horizontal multi-stage frac'd Nordegg well approximately 30 miles from and on trend with Anglo's Ante Creek lands. The 30 day initial production rate for that well was 78 bbl oil/d.

Those wells reportedly produced an API oil gravity of, respectively, 41 degrees and 32 degrees.

This same company plans to have additional results from four Nordegg and Montney wells drilled in the Placid and Simonette areas.

In addition another Nordegg producer, 11 miles from Anglo's Ante Creek lands, was a vertical well and it produced at an average of 29 bbl/d oil over the initial 30 day producing period.

Recent News

- 2011-09-30 News Anglo Canadian Oil - Ante Creek results up to 75% oil saturation

- 2011-09-27 News Anglo Canadian Oil - Cores, logs, cases Ante Creek well

- 2011-09-13 News Anglo Canadian Oil - Spuds 8-3-67-26 W5 Ante Creek well


Anglo Cdn Ante well results show up to 75% oil saturation

Anglo Canadian Oil Corp. has spudded its 3-4-67-26 W5 location, targeting the Nordegg and Montney zones.

As previously announced, the 8-3-67-26 W5 Ante Creek well has been successfully cored, logged and cased.

Petrophysical analysis from logs and preliminary core analysis have been performed on the Nordegg and Montney zones. Four core samples were taken from the Nordegg, and nine from the Montney.

Preliminary core results showed oil staining in both the Nordegg and the Montney zones, accompanied by fractures. Petrophysical analysis from logs shows that the TOC content within the Nordegg averages approximately 4.5 per cent. The four core plugs taken from limestone stringers within the Nordegg zone show oil saturations ranging from 37 per cent to 75 per cent and gas permeabilities from 0.01 millidarcy to 0.49 millidarcy, and porosities from 3 per cent to 11 per cent.


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