This is topic EAHC spiked today. Near the close there was 1 million share bidder through ARCA! in forum .11 and Up! at's Bulletin Board.

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Posted by Trader273933 on :
EAHC spiked 22% today. Near the close there was 1 million bid through ARCA ecn which means it was real, not a market maker playing games with longs. Somebody must be short this stock huge and there could be a huge short squeeze. The 1 million share bidder kept upping there bid from .30-.345. The volume was way above average at 3 million total shares traded, but if this person has to cover they will spike the stock in a major way on Monday. I have this on radar and will buy a boat load at the open.
Posted by Trader273933 on :
I did a bit more research on this stock this weekend and I think it may get a big stock promotion on it. Otherwise I am not sure why someone would have been trying to buy or cover their short of 1 million shares of this stock on Friday. I am loading up at the open.

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