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Posted by dmc284 on :
Sun River Energy SNRV.BB
This stock has been moving pretty good these last couple months and its up nice from last week. I think its a good long term stock...Anybody
Posted by jagman925 on :
Yes, Just bought in to this company. I work in the Oil and Gas business and recognize a bargin when I see it. If you're not convinced, go to their website and find the recent letter from the CEO disclosing all of their assets. The stock price has been hammered because they are predominantly a Gas production company so the balance sheet only reflects ongoing production, not future production. They've recently committed to balancing their portfolio with Oil in Eagle Ford Shale so there will be a lag before production kicks in, but they are solvent. This stock should bounce off the Double Bottom!! I'll be very suprised if it doesn't. Great time to get in and keep adding, no matter how low it goes.
Posted by jagman925 on :
No bounce yet, but RSI finally under 30. Bought another chunk at .15 ...Natural gas prices still climbing!!!! up another 20 cents today to $3.20. Eagle Ford Shale is rockin'. Permian Basin too! All the small Gas E&P's are a steal right now! Don't let me tell you anything, check it out. Chesapeake's the only one in real trouble because they over leveraged their gas assets to buy oil leases. Interest and margins from buying into too many partnerships will hurt them, but the others are going to do okay.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Excellent! It dipped and picked up my order at .15, now back up to .22 . I hope there's enough support to start the upward trend.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Waiting for the big Pop! Support still building, momentum turning positive, volume has increased....

UAPC (another natural gas production co.) already bounced, SNRV should be close behind

If natural gas goes back above $3, jump on board.
Posted by jagman925 on :
SNRV winding up! Bollinger bands are very tight. I think it's about to Pop. We'll see shortly. Just needs a little more upward market pressure on natural gas prices...If Kinder Morgan gets the go ahead with permits to export, Watch Out! This stock and UAPC will Rock!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Huge volume today! It needed this dip to get RSI below 30 and be a catalyst to move upward. Another excuse to buy another couple of thousand shares! SNRV will be bouncing soon!
Posted by jagman925 on :
For the past few days SNRV keeps rebounding to .15 or a above keeping the RSI abover 30. Looks like there is enough support at $.10 to satisfy a reversal triggered by an over sold situation. Now, if Nat Gas will just keep creeping up above $3 we'll have the perfect storm. It's not about 'if', it's about 'when.' I'm buying another chunk. Everyone I've talked to is watching this stock.

Quote from the CEO:
"As you can see, the only “negative” change relating in any manner to the value of the assets of the company is the price of natural gas. The positive changes and decisions made by management should have more than offset the drop in natural gas prices. The real question is: Why the precipitous drop in share price in the open market over the last year? Essentially, what or who is affecting the stock price? Why hasn’t the market responded to the value of the existing assets and the positive actions taken by SNRV? I suggest the problem may be psychological in nature and not related at all to the true value of our assets.
Let’s first focus on Colfax County, New Mexico. Approximately 300 square miles of land we OWN! Truly, our New Mexico holdings are very large indeed, my children might even say monstrous. And we have a wide assortment of rights including gold, timber, rare earth elements and metallurgical coal. I know you have heard us talk about monetizing these rights over the last year. Frankly, not a day goes by without me discussing trade terms on these assets with a host of suitors. It is just a matter of time before we are approached with a trade that management believes is a “deal” we can accept. The properties will only appreciate in value over time and punishing our stock price because we are cautious and thorough seems nonsensical. I expect us to get trades on both our gold and coal, but I expect them to be on the most favorable terms we can arrange. Hurrying this type of transaction should be viewed negatively instead of vice-versa."
Posted by jagman925 on :
...just saying...if you miss out when this stock jumps...don't say I didn't tell you so. Do your own DD.
Posted by jagman925 on :
And for Demand of Natural Gas this winter, look what is on the horizon....

..Snow in August? It's steamy now, but forecasters see a big winter coming
It's an August of steamy heat and rattling air conditioners, but the long-range forecasts are out: The big cities of the Northeast corridor should expect no repeat of last winter's snow drought.
By Ron Scherer | Christian Science Monitor – 1 hr 47 mins ago....
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.Drought sweeps across U.S.
36 photos - Sat, Aug 11, 2012Young immigrants seek deportation reprieve
12 photos - 1 hr 17 mins agoFamily Research Council shooting
5 photos - 1 hr 17 mins ago...See latest photos »....Last winter, big cities like New York and Philadelphia saved a lot of money because the Northeast had a snow drought. Not so this winter.

Yes, even while air conditioners are still running, meteorologists are beginning to focus on the long-term winter weather forecast. And, it looks as if the I-95-corridor cities from Washington to Boston will need to make sure the plows are gassed up and rock salt plentiful.

“I think the East Coast is going to have some battles with some big storms,” says Paul Pastelok, Accu-Weather’s lead long-term forecaster in State College, Pa.

However, Mr. Pastelok predicts the battles won’t start until January and then will extend into February. “November in the Northeast could be above-normal temperatures and below-normal precipitation, and December could be a transition month,” he says. “By January and February it’s going to get pretty cold.”

IN PICTURES: Extreme weather 2012

The cold will collide with moisture flowing up the East Coast, he says, resulting in some big snowstorms that could create travel problems, close school systems and create challenges for retailers.

“The good news is that the winter will be good for hats, gloves, scarves, rock salt, and the plowing industry,” says Scott Bernhardt, president of Planalytics, Inc. a business weather intelligence service in Berwyn, Pa. “It’s bad for store traffic, because other than urban areas it’s hard to get around, and restaurants also take a hit because people just don’t go out.”

Mr. Bernhardt says the possibility of a severe winter has yet to hit some of the businesses he talks to. “It’s crazy how many businesses plan off last year,” he says. “And, it’s a no-brainer that it’s not going to be as nice as last year.”

Last year, the worst snowstorm in the Northeast occurred in late October, when some areas got as much as twelve inches of snow. The precipitation came at a time when the trees in most areas still had their leaves. As a result, the snow toppled trees and branches onto power lines, causing massive power outages that lasted as long as two weeks for some homeowners.

The difference this year is that a powerful current that runs along the coast of South America is in the process of shifting from a La Nina, with colder water temperatures, to an El Nino, which results in warmer seawater temperatures in the eastern tropical Pacific. “It changes the weather patterns,” says Pastelok.

Using this summer’s weather as a template, Pastelok looked for what happened in the winter in other years when a weak to moderate El Nino formed. He found a similar pattern in 2002/2003 and 1953/1954.

In those years, storms early in the season drenched the Southeast and then headed out to sea. But, then later in the winter, the snows came.

According to the National Weather Service office in Boston, the winter of 2002/2003 featured below-normal temperatures and above-normal snowfall in many locations. “It was the coldest winter in nine years since 1993-1994,” wrote the Weather Service, noting that it was a “stark contrast” to the prior winter, which was the mildest on record. In 2002/2003, the temperature was 10 degrees colder than 2001/2002.

Pastelok thinks the Southeast could actually get the worst of it this winter. He can envision flooding in the late fall followed by snow and ice this winter all the way down to the Gulf Coast. “Tallahassee could have some snow and ice issues this winter,” he forecasts.

He says the middle of the country is harder to forecast. In general, he anticipates the Central Plains will get drier again. That area has been suffering from a drought but has recently had some precipitation. “We will know better in October,” he says. The weather forecasters will issue a more detailed winter forecast at that point.
Posted by jagman925 on :
No speculation; all facts:

Fortunately for the Company, the large natural gas well we completed last year on our Devon farmout (which we call the Neal Heirs #1) confirmed to our engineers that we own part of an oil field with two to four Million barrels of oil recoverable which are proved. As we announced in our press release dated April 16, 2012, we presently own 690 acres in this field and are working to lease the remaining 1,500 acres covering the field.
Since we own approximately 32% of the field we can extrapolate there are 704,000 barrels of recoverable reserves of oil. The Neal Heirs #1 alone arguably should recover 115,000 barrels of oil from the existing well bore valued at over $12,000,000. The cost to recomplete the well bore in the oil bearing sands is less than $225,000. Not a bad trade off.
For a minimal additional investment of approximately $2,800,000 in six (6) additional wells in this field the Company could produce another 700,000 barrels of oil. The Proved Developed Producing value of these six (6) wells would approach approximately $15,000,000 discounted at 10% (known as “PV(10)”). This alone should be worth well over $0.50 per share. Although this is a simplistic analogy, I think you can see where I am going with this type of discussion.
To put this in prospective, when we drilled the Neal Heirs #1 last year we spent about $2,700,000 in order to book proved natural gas reserves with a PV(10) value of about $2,900,000 when natural gas was about $5.50/MCF. PV(10) is a net of cost number so you can see that it was a good well. But I think you can clearly see how much better oil is than natural gas with respect to return on investment in the current price environment. This is one of the reasons why we are refocusing on oil instead of natural gas.
And don’t think we don’t own acreage in Colfax County that will be productive for oil. We do! It’s just we were focused on the natural gas found on the property and it takes time to reprocess the data we have for oil. We are moving as fast as we can to do the scientific work necessary to let you know what we think we own. It will be worth the wait.
Second, the four deep gas wells which we own and are already drilled, are producing from their lowest open zones. The major zones the wells were drilled to produce have yet to be opened for production. What this means is when natural gas prices recover, we will have very good production from wells that we already own. While it’s not economically feasible, nor sound management practice to open these other zones at the current price of natural gas, these wells are valuable and will continue to be so down the road. Natural gas sold at a high of around $5.00 in the past two years. We believe it is in the best interest of this company to wait and open the other zones when gas prices rise again. The same analogy clearly applies to our large gas reserves in Colfax County, New Mexico.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Wow! Someone made a 100K buy this morning, then some quiet buys later in the day. It's being accumulated...
Posted by jagman925 on :
For nasayers who believe this TD quote - "Based on their Operating Profit Margin and Operating Profit Margin, SNRV has a cost structure that eats up a percentage of its revenues that is among the highest of any company in the Oil & Gas Operations industry. To make matters worse, the company is losing money on an operating basis."

My answer: Boo 'freakin' Hoo. Duh!! They used to be 99% natural gas production, however - They can Operate almost indefinitely on the Land Assets they already own outright buy selling leases or parcels they don't need. They are 'sitting pretty' as they say. But they've been 'pro-active' as well and moved to Oil. Oil production is starting to ramp up and even up their balance sheet. It's the same move Chesapeke just made, just on a little smaller scale and they've leveraged much, much less of their assets as a percentage than Chesapeke.

The more I read, the more I like....!!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Sittin' very pretty. If it dips lower, average down to get your price per share below .15 and you'll be in a position to profit shortly. Waiting on Nat Gas to creep up a little. BY the way...The number of Nat Gas rigs in Eagle Ford have increased lately. 2 Agreements, or because efficiencies are getting better. Drilling costs are coming down a little per Engineers in the field - successful zipper fracing and less acreage between drilling.
Posted by jagman925 on :
scroll down to Gas rig info
Posted by jagman925 on :
All Sun River needs to do is break even on Gas production and show a profit on the Oil side and this stock will rise quickly.

Since the stock price is not accurately reflecting the value of assets in the ground, operating costs will continue to negatively affect the current market price of the stock.

That is why it is a Super buy right now!! Do some DD.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Demand for Nat Gas will be expanding! This will help Sun River Energy superbly.

Multibillion-dollar pipeline expansion in Mexico means money for Texas

Page 1 of 1
MEXICO CITY - Mexico may someday realize its potential as a natural gas superpower, but in the lengthy meantime the country's gnawing energy craving may feed off Texas pipelines.

Mexico energy planners are pressing ahead with an $8 billion expansion of the country's 5,500-mile natural gas pipeline system, focusing on central and northern industrial cities. And for the foreseeable future, they intend to fuel that network with U.S. natural gas, including from South Texas and Eagle Ford Shale fields.

"Mexico has a unique opportunity, we have access to the world's cheapest gas," Mexican Energy Minister Jordy Herrera said of the U.S. supply in announcing the new pipeline plans earlier this year. "This is competitiveness for the industry of our country."

Already, Kinder Morgan and other Houston-based pipeline and gas companies are lining up to be of profitable assistance.

"Kinder Morgan continually looks for ways to optimize its existing pipeline system and expand deliverability," the company said in a statement Friday. "In Mexico, there is a growing need for additional supplies."

Consumption soaring

Incoming President Enrique Peña Nieto's economic team vows to push for the rapid development of northern Mexico's shale gas fields - said to hold the world's fourth-largest reserves of the unconventional fuel - with the help of U.S. and other foreign investors. But those plans hinge on far-from-certain constitutional changes debated by the new Congress that begins Sept. 1.

In the meantime, Mexico's natural gas consumption continues climbing - at times in the past decade at four times the pace of overall economic growth. New supplies of gas have to be found and more pipeline laid to carry them to consumers.

Herrera and other officials say taking advantage of that supply - most of which will come from Texas - first will mean a dramatic build-out of the country's pipeline grid, which under-supplies many of the fastest growing industrial cities of the heartland of Mexico.

"This network is clearly and notoriously insufficient," Herrera said.

Mexican officials will award contracts to U.S. and Mexican companies in October for construction of $3 billion worth of new pipelines from just below the Rio Grande deep into industrialized central Mexico and still more in Mexico's northwest.

Kinder Morgan already has proposed building an extension from its pipelines near Tucson to the Arizona border town of Sasabe, which will connect to Mexico's planned 600-mile duct running to the Pacific port of Mazatlan.

The company said the pipeline would initially export 160 million cubic feet of gas a day to Mexico.

The U.S. side of the project awaits regulatory approval.

Mexican officials announced this month that the government's petroleum monopoly - Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex - will use a Cayman Islands subsidiary to help finance that pipeline as well as another connecting the Agua Dulce gas hub near Corpus Christi to Mexico's pipeline system on the border outside McAllen.

700-mile pipeline

The Agua Dulce duct will feed South Texas gas to the planned Los Ramones pipeline, which will run some 700 miles from the border near McAllen through Monterrey and on to Aguascalientes state, supplying Mexico's rapidly developing automotive manufacturing heartland.

Kinder Morgan currently supplies Texas gas to Pemex through a cross-border pipeline in Starr County, which goes to a power plant in Monterrey and connects to Mexico's national gas pipeline system.

U.S. gas exports via pipeline to Mexico have tripled in a decade, to some 500 billion cubic feet last year, according to the U.S. Energy Department. Further increasing that supply will depend upon market conditions on both sides of the border.

Some argue that with natural gas prices as much as four times higher in Asia and Europe, selling it to Mexico at near historic bottom U.S. prices might not make sense.

"Pipelines are expensive," said Bill Gwozd, vice president of gas services at Ziff Energy, a consulting firm with offices in Houston and Calgary. "Why not throw that money into a liquefied-gas facility and get $12 for your gas?"

"Spending money is easy," Gwozd said. "Doing it properly takes due diligence."
Posted by jagman925 on :
.11 Way oversold! Love it! Loading up on this stock!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Don't forget about UAPC either. It's at .26 now.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Nice little up tick!!! I'm sittin' even...ready for the Pop!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Here we go! That's more like it! Up from .11 to .14. Heavy volume! Momentum in good.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Huge volume! Finally, some players are coming to the table.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Support at .11 - still good volume coming in. Need some help from Nat Gas prices. Once that happens, get ready for a screamer upward!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Lot's of SNRV employees buying right now g=86686U103&vtag=20120905
Posted by jagman925 on :
Momentum still building. Looking good! 98k volume yesterday.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Natural Gas back over $3.00!!!!! Good trend. This could be what we needed.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Natural Gas closed above $3 today!!!

I went to lunch with a Petroleum Engineer yesterday. He told me that 50-100 year production rates of natural gas in Eagle Ford and Permian have been drastically overstated. Basically, decline curve figures have not been accurately disclosed. Production rates decline very quickly over time for most wells.

What that means is Natural Gas can, at any time jump back to $5.00 or higher, in the future. New technology and production techniques could offset this but is not guaranteed.

Demand could take over as well.
Posted by jagman925 on :
All we need is about 20 more cents for Natural Gas to climb and we'll see a lot of action for SNRV and UAPC. Lot's of support at the current price. Looks like 'bottom floor,' but if it goes lower, I'm doubling, even quadrupling my shares.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Cool! Ask an ye shall receive.

Nymex Henry Hub Future 3.20 0.09 2.90%

Now, let's see if we get some upward movement on a couple stocks.
Posted by jagman925 on :
SNRV at .08! Cheep, cheep,cheep! I'm loading up and calling T Boone Pickens. He'll make a mint off this!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Awsome buy signal today. Hope the big boys are watching.

Buy TriggersSet$0.105 0.005 (5.00%) Bid
0.35B/A Size

124,698 (Above Avg)
Posted by jagman925 on :
Natural Gas has jumped to $3.41 !!!!!!!!!


Profitability on existing wells will increase and increase in production will be increased. Though there will be some lag time. Get in now. SNRV and UAPC are at all time lows.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Here we go! SNRV - 4 pt. surge today, made it to .12, then settled at .10. Over 100k in volume! Lot's of buying going on. Nat Gas to 3.46!!! It's suposed to be a cold winter too. Lot's of support at this level. Better get in.
Posted by jagman925 on :
There is cerainly a correlation in the rise in Natural Gas price to the increase in buying/trading for SNRV. Volume over 100k shares traded 3 of the last 4 trading days.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Wow!!! Super huge volume! over 200k shares traded today. Could this be the real bottom? I picked up another block of shares. Sittin' pretty!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Wow!! Again! Over 400K shares traded. Sellers getting out. It's about to run a little. Let it test the lows. Just pick up a few more thousand shares and sit. This baby is like a powder bomb!! Unbelieveable!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Good news! Lawsuit dismissed! See, good people prevail.

Sun River Energy, Inc. Announces Dismissal Of Claims By Plaintiffs In Shareholder Suit
October 1, 2012 12:40 PM ET.

Sun River Energy, Inc. Announces Dismissal Of Claims By Plaintiffs In Shareholder SuitPR Newswire
DALLAS, Oct. 1, 2012

DALLAS, Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun River Energy, Inc. (OTC:BB:SNRV). Sun River Energy, Inc. (the "Company" or "Sun River") announces, on September 28, 2012, three Plaintiffs in a suit styled James Ballard, et al, vs. Sun River Energy, Inc., et al, Cause No. 12-06318, in the 134th Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas dismissed their claims with prejudice. Additionally, the attorneys representing the remaining Plaintiffs have filed a motion to withdraw as counsel.

Donal R. Schmidt, Jr., the Company's CEO and President, said:

"The dismissal and withdrawal of counsel effectively ends this litigation. This dismissal validates management's claims they did not mismanage Sun River or defraud anyone.

"Initially, the court was skeptical of Plaintiffs' claims and demand for extraordinary relief. The judge recently ordered the Plaintiffs to re-plead their suit or face having their derivative claims struck which would have exposed the Plaintiffs to an award of attorney's fees for bringing an improper lawsuit. During this period, Jim and Iva Ballard and Bruce Pitts approached us about resolving the lawsuit.

"Through our discussions, we learned Harry McMillan, managing member of Cicerone Corporate Development, LLC, who Sun River terminated last December helped Plaintiff Steve Henson, former Company director, orchestrate the lawsuit. These two men approached the Ballards and Mr. Pitts in an attempt to have them pay for this litigation by making false and malicious claims based upon confidential non-public information. The Ballards and Mr. Pitts were misled to say the least. Regardless, I have to give them credit for recognizing that Henson and McMillan as well as the attorneys representing the Plaintiffs were not telling them the entire story.

"At all times we maintained the allegations in the lawsuit were false. Fortunately, the Ballards and Mr. Pitts came to the same conclusion."

Jim Ballard said:

"Iva and I are glad this is over. Sun River's management has our full support."

Donal R. Schmidt, Jr. further states:

"It is unnerving when a shareholder files suit questioning management's honesty and integrity. Every CEO dreads a fraud or derivative suit that might start a landslide, which buries a company. I knew if the Company stood firm, the truth would eventually come out.

"I anticipate the remaining Plaintiffs will have a hard time finding another law firm to take their case and I expect most of them to dismiss as well. The facts just don't support their allegations and we will be seeking the return of our attorney's fees and damages, if justified.

"Finally, thanks to all of the shareholders who never lost faith in the officers and directors of Sun River. The words of encouragement were greatly appreciated."

About Sun River Energy, Inc.:

Sun River Energy, Inc. is a Dallas-based, oil and gas exploration and production company. For further information on the Company, please visit our website
Posted by jagman925 on :
Keep up with the insider trading.

You can also correlate it with the dismisal of the court case. Public information.

Sun River Energy, Inc. Announces Dismissal Of Claims By Plaintiffs In Shareholder Suit 4&industry=IND_ENERGY&isub= -8f88-0b357b31a5aa&stb=c&sto=d&lv=e&page=6
Posted by jagman925 on :
Director Robert Fields just unloaded 323,000+ shares. Guess he had bills to pay.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Oops! 3125 shares, not 323,000+
Posted by jagman925 on :
Early Winter, but slightly warmer than last year? Conflicting weather reports. As soon as the first big storm cools thing off we should get a bump in Nat Gas prices. People are loading up on SNRV. Lot's of accumulation the last few weeks.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Natural Gas jumped 12 cents to $3.60 this morning! If it holds for the next week or inches higher, we could see the reversals set in for SNRV and UAPC.

Bollinger bands are tight right now. The price will move one way or the other. If it goes lower, I'm loading up. If if goes higher I'm going to add to my holdings on the dips.
Posted by jagman925 on :
SNRV at .06. Loading up at .065, Nat Gas still near $3.50 on a dip. Cold weather should kick in this next week or two and bump things up another notch.

T.Boone will be proud!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Tons of accumulation. Another big volume day! Over 200K+ shares! All we need is a good Cold Snap across the North East part of the country and we're in the money!
Posted by jagman925 on :
Big 'Cold Front' due to hit the country next week. It should bring a rise in Nat Gas.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Nat Gas price jumped huge today to $3.80!!!
Sandy may be having an effect, but cool temps will bring down inventories. Production profits will start rising....
Posted by jagman925 on :
WOW! UAPC has the right idea! SNRV should be right behind.
Posted by jagman925 on :
Loading up, averaging down, and waiting for the pop!
Posted by jagman925 on :
RSI near 30. Could see a bounce. Picking up more shares. I'm averaged in at .082 per share.

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