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Posted by CashCowDave on :
am betting pretty big..

heard not only merger is a done deal,

but Don Imus is in talks..

$4 easy..if true..imo.
Posted by Spectacles on :
So far whatever you heard about the merger being a "done deal" is only rumour. I've heard the opposite,,they may be creating a monpoly. No go says Uncle Sam.
Don Imus is washed up no one will pay to listen to his rhetoric anymore.
I've been holding this stock since pre Howard Stern days and I would'nt touch it with a 10 foot pole right now,,
But you can if you want to... [Smile]
Posted by CashCowDave on :
SIRI up pre-market..Friday, April 27 2007 8:11 AM, GMT-05:00 Follow-up: XMSR & SIRI upgraded to Buy from Neutral*UBSW Fly On The Wall "All News "
UBS upgraded XMSR, tgt to $15 from $13.50 , citing improving fundamentals and SIRI, tgt to $3.70 from $3.50 , based on better operational execution.
hearing whispers on street Imus in talks with SIRI...
Mel got Stearns the job with SIRI..
going to bat for
Imus now..
just a rumor I heard..
of course, Imus
won't get AS MUCH as Sterns but Imus should pull
in some more subscriptions...
Posted by stocktrader2006 on :
Ya, good luck with this one.
This is bashed constantly by CNBC and Motley Fool, O/S is too high, losing money up the wazoo, merger approval is skeptical, they pay Stern way too much, constant downgrades........on and on and on.........

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