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Posted by beechwood on :
This thing went from .30 to $10.25 in one day!
More MM shananigans or what?
Posted by T e x on :
i show previous close $6...

52-week low .30

200 shares, total volume...not likely something the public could be aware of...
Posted by T e x on :
recent trading history:

10Q, detailing shell, merger, etc; moving one family's real estate biz into the shell: %3D0001214659%252D06%252D001338%252Etxt%26filepath%3D%255C2006%255C06%255C23%255 C&symbol=GFLQ
Posted by beechwood on :
I went to and to OTCBB % gainers.
GFLQ is at the top of the list showing yesterdays
close of .30 and todays open * $10.25.
A staggering 3300% gain or so according to quote.
A shell stock would explain it but the other
poster's 10k shows this outfit is not a shell
(box checked "NO" for same).
I've seen other co.'s do this overnight and
I'm trying to find a common denominator that
would account for such staggering gains.
Reverse mergers, shells, etc.
Any thoughts on this one?
Posted by beechwood on :
Ok, I dug into the 10k and found the shell.
Are there any good sites for spotting
potential reverse mergers?
ShellStockReview doesn't seem to be active.
Any others?
Posted by T e x on :
basically it wasn't trading...

bid/ask was .30 x 4.00

am trying to refine that search process myself...

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