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Posted by The Phat Man on :
hey... just a thought, but people using allstocks don't seem to really want to have to jump from a .10 and under board to a .11 and up board. just my 2 cents, but you might just want to create a forum called "Penny Stock Forum".
thus implying that any stock under a buck is good to go on that forum.
thanks and have a good day,
Posted by The Phat Man on :
also, because there's too many stocks that jump from under .10 to over in a day or a week, etc.
thus a stock like upzs that recently hit big would qualify completely under the 'Penny Stock Forum"
Posted by T e x on :
the deal is, traditionally, a dime is the cutoff for many peeps...

we used to have "over .10" to complement "under .10," but it went away due to a coupla experiments...

My guess is, for now, this will be the "new look." After some weeks, if there's enough who lobby for a different structure, I'm sure Bob will be all ears...
Posted by The Phat Man on :
all good and understood... just my 2 cents as it was.
i (as i think many on these boards do) like allstocks cuz there is a smaller community and thus seems more trustworthy and not full of BS (at least all the time). so, it's nice to see the same screen names and people associated with and playing stocks anywhere from .000 to .99
with this .11 and up board, there's still really nothing stopping someone familiar with under .10 board from posting a super hot PR on a stock over .10
so, thus, all posts of that nature have a natural tendency to just stay on the .10 boards
Posted by T e x on :
when noticed or reported, misplaced threads are moved to the appropriate forum...

after the period of the "over .10" and before the ".11 and over," there was no "good" place for 'em...

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