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Posted by toony on :
my bottum play for today is cyos
Posted by toony on :
cyos is get some buy now it is getting ready to go i think a good entry point is .036.038 and exsit at .04 to .045
Posted by GVMOORE on :
I'm back after being under the knife.
Looking for profit to pay the bills.Had
most of it made on BLYC but just could not
pull the trigger.Looking for a lot more.
Waiting to cash in VNTB @.02. Holding PLNI
till I can bag 20.Been trying to get in
HISC @ .025 but just miss the boat. Will
buy at the close if it stays under .05.
Bracing for DNAP and RVNM r/s. Great trading
to all.
Posted by toony on :
hey gvmoore ive also been out with a hart problem but iam feeling much better and iam ready to get back to work so if i find any thing good ill post it here good luck to all
Posted by GVMOORE on :
Just a heart beat from eternity. Let's trade
till then. Loaded Hisc @ .036 at the close.
Should see .05 this wk, but will hold long
for now. Adding more NCDP if it drops below
Posted by GVMOORE on :
Toony looks like cyos is going back to .01
Posted by blueranger on :
a good way to play bottom busters is to get
quote tracker and load up a portfilo with all your picks and set vol and price alerts at bottm prices... i do this...
Posted by toony on :
ya blue that will work good gvmoore cyos is still going up it just had a little shake hehe
Posted by toony on :
cyos is a good play in the .036 to .046 price but you have to make up your mind were you want to sell iam happy with 10% 20% its all about the momo
Posted by toony on :
cyos is nw .04 o ya
Posted by GVMOORE on :
I'll hang with HISC and ADZR.
Posted by toony on :
mbri was my pick for friday it went up 66% on very low volume with some more buys this stock could of hit the moon this is just a start i still think cyos is a good play in the low .033 to .036 and iam keeping a eye on tnog .029 .03 all good buys good luck to all
Posted by preciserm on :
Posted by toony on :
cyos is hitting a low good time to buy at this price .031 good luck
Posted by GVMOORE on :
Toony when cyos get to .0005 I'm in. Not
knocking your pick, but it look like a pos.
Usually the ones that do best. IDVL my most
hated stock. Had a sale in to break even at
.0015. It sold just before it's 1000% run.
Buying more NCDP since I bought all Walgreen
had and they will have to reorder. Prob no
reverse split. More aggressive ads and seeking
sale to all the big boys like WMT. No assignment
sales. Prob some share retiring. PR in a few wks
Posted by toony on :
gvmoore cyos had news today and it just broke .04 i told every one i hope some listen to me its a good play in low .03s now look what you missed good luck to all
Posted by toony on :
i have three picks for am gappers first cyos then brvo they both had news today and rwnw good luck to all
Posted by GVMOORE on :
BRVO you have a winner. Looks like a great long term play. CYOS and rwnw
may see a little upside. I guest I'll play SINO since I received free shares.
Compliments of ADZR. Watch for a bottom and vol. ADZR will blow smoke
if the lands a few good contracts. May be soon. MM are droping it prob to
pick up shares I hope. May pick up TTCH if I can get a fill around .20. Prob
should just add to PLNI and HISC. Good luck if you must.
Posted by toony on :
Posted by toony on :
mbri is going to do good i played it last week and it was a good play now iam playing it this week and news comes out this babby is going to gap in am
Posted by toony on :
posted July 14, 2005 14:52
Mobile Reach Announces Shipment of Splitware Helpdesk Software for BlackBerry to Embarcadero Systems Corporation
NEW YORK, July 13, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Mobile Reach International (OTCBB:MBRI) today announced the shipment of its Splitware Helpdesk product for BlackBerry(r) to Embarcadero Systems Corporation (ESC), leading the way in the development of next generation mobile solutions. Embarcadero Systems delivers technology-rich end-to-end solutions to the global transportation, supply chain, and logistics industries. Mobile Reach delivers software solutions to an increasingly mobile marketplace, allowing companies to collaborate with their mobile workforce through wireless devices.

The project combines Embarcadero Systems' dedication to improved customer service and operational efficiency with Mobile Reach's commitment to cutting edge mobile technology. Mobile Reach developed the new software exclusively for use with the popular BlackBerry platform, from Research In Motion (RIM) (Nasdaq:RIMM), enabling users in the field to work seamlessly with their center of operations.

"This is an exciting event for our company," says Mark J. Lloyd, president and chief technology officer of Mobile Reach. "One of our Fortune 10 clients asked us to bring Help Reach, our best-in-class Splitware Helpdesk product, to RIM BlackBerry devices. With that kind of customer endorsement, we are confident that we have developed a product that meets the needs of our customers. Now that the implementation at Embarcadero Systems is complete, benefits to the customer have been proven."

"The driver for change in our organization was to improve customer satisfaction," says Adele Richert, manager of customer services at Embarcadero Systems. "Customer service begins when we can give an immediate and detailed report to our customer informing them that they are on our radar, a support person has been contacted, and we expect to be at their site within one hour."

"When I saw that we were up and running in one hour with a working mobile product on BlackBerry, I knew we had a tool that would greatly enhance our level of customer service," Richert added.

The HelpReach product is a mobile solution that gives users the ability to create, look-up, assign, modify, and close work tickets. HelpReach has been especially tailored for BlackBerry devices and extends Remedy's ARS HelpDesk solution to any location and situation. The result is a mobilized incident management system. With HelpReach and BlackBerry, workers gain the ability to work away from their desk, receive a dispatch as soon as it comes in, edit a work log directly, and move on to the next assignment while mobile.

About Mobile Reach

Mobile Reach International, Inc. takes technology to the point of action with "On-Time-All-the-Time" software solutions and related services for mobile phones, PDAs, bar code scanners, tablet computers, and laptops. Taking real-time enterprise to the next level, Mobile Reach creates a world where mobile computing devices are connected to dynamic business information across any network, anytime.

About Embarcadero Systems

Embarcadero Systems Corporation (ESC), located in the San Francisco Bay Area, focuses on delivering effective business solutions to the maritime and intermodal industries. ESC's solutions are a blend of products and services which are consistently delivered to solve and enhance its clients' business opportunities, needs, or goals. These solutions address three areas: terminal automation, transportation security, and finished vehicle logistics.

The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images, and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.

This press release contains forward-looking statements, which are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Words such as "intends," "believes," and similar expressions reflecting something other than historical fact are intended to identify forward-looking statements, but are not the exclusive means of identifying such statements. These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including the timely development and market acceptance of products and technologies, the ability to secure additional sources of finance, the ability to reduce operating expenses, and other factors described in the companies' respective filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The actual results that the companies achieve may differ materially from any forward-looking statement due to such risks and uncertainties. The companies undertake no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statements in order to reflect events or circumstances that may arise after the date of this release.

Mobile Reach International, Inc.
Kathy Gillespie
PHONE: (919) 376-0231
FAX: (919) 882-9082

- PrimeZone -

News by QuoteMedia
Posted by toony on :
mbri chart looks like a great bottom play mbri hit its bottom and now its heading north with some good news that came out today good luck to all
Posted by GVMOORE on :
ADZR shake out.Hope you got in. Maybe
I love it too much. Feeding HISC and adding
to PLNI. Bid on GRYF ????. Have a good one.
Posted by Stockdabashing on :
Daddy is home. My play for next week is CALI.
Posted by BuyTex on :
Allstocks ain't even a hangout for you, have to jump among aliases just to get through a weekend, lol
Posted by toony on :
buytex what are you talking about this is bottom feeders if you have a bottom pick please post it if not your on the wrong post good luck all
Posted by toony on :
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Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 2:25 pm Post subject: Stay away from Fatherof2's picks.... Please read..


I made this post to point how the Technique of these chart readers costed people so much money on a play last week. Fatherof2 who pumps his trash everywhere tried to run SLWF. Once he released it to the public he and his friends were buying up the shares which caused his members to only fill partials. He then quoted as to say this

“Chart is looking great!

It is on the SHO list and way oversold! MACD is looking really strong. PPS should cross the 20dma which is a bullish trend reversal!

SLWF also is waiting for patent approval on their encryption technology!

This one is going to go!”

Now for those who are serious investors know that stocks which are on the SHO list are stocks you should stay away from. The stock is being shorted. Why the hell would you recommend a stock which is being shorted? Also he throws in MACD and chart to get people to buy it since it’s “Undersold” The reason why it’s undersold is because the stock is being shorted.
Now either he loaded it like crazy before he bought and the charts do show a volume spike 1 week before he released it or maybe he truly believe it would run.
Then guess what happens? He runs into UCAP which is a MM that was holding over 1billion shares on the ask. There last 10Q on 5/13 their outstanding share count is 8.5 BILLION up from 850k one year ago. Your telling me that he could not take the time to read the filings and see that this stock would not move.
He had people buy shares from UCAP telling them that he would move dam there knowing those people were going to lose money. Since that day the stock keeps tanking and not to mention people can’t get out. Now do you see why it’s important for you to trust us and not outsiders. They take no pride in there picks. They just throw picks out there and hope it goes up. Here at Bestpicksrus we take our time with our group picks and runners. We make sure you will be able to get in and out and that you aren’t falling into a trap which Fatherof2 lead his people into.
I hope people will stay clear of his picks and know what he is up to. He is a scam artist and people will tell you his picks blows and how he is wasting people’s time. He uses as an outlet to dump his shares. Be aware of this scam artist.
Posted by BuyTex on :
Posted by seniorxt on :
It appears to me that Fatherof2 dumped on all those poor souls. He appears to be worse then Momo. Atleast people make money with Momo.
Posted by BuyTex on :
Posted by toony on :
buy tex what is zzzzzzzz is that all you have to say why dont you put up some bottom plays we all want to make some money so lets see what you have
Posted by BuyTex on :
settle down, mo--and stay in yer room, or you'll lose this id,
Posted by toony on :
your funny iam not momo texs boy if you dont stop messing with me iam going to come on all your post with your fancy charts and bash your pump and dump bag holds dork
Posted by BuyTex on :
lol, do whatever you want...till you get banned: I seriously doubt the mods will let you "track n bash"...but, hey, give it a whirl.

whether yer mo himself or one of his thugs, don't matter to me..."when a difference makes no difference--there is no difference."

As I've posted over n over...

i *am* yur huckleberry...

[ July 18, 2005, 21:57: Message edited by: BuyTex ]
Posted by toony on :
ive been on here for 8 mounths dont you think they would of banned me by now dick
Posted by BuyTex on :
Originally posted by toony:
ive been on here for 8 mounths dont you think they would of banned me by now dick

registered March 05

a lil trouble with basic math? lol, and now the profanity...

classic momo trademarks...

you shoulda held out for a thug identity...
Posted by toony on :
go play gay boy dont you have any thing better to do like go play with your self punk ass
Posted by BuyTex on :
i *am* playing...slap-boxing you around the room, one-handed, not even my "good hand"
Posted by toony on :
ya i would like to see you do that
Posted by toony on :
theres a boxing ring right by my house if you want to try it punk ass
Posted by BuyTex on :
a BOXING ring!

ha ha ha...

you wouldn't last 30 seconds with a

get back to what you and your crowd do best, Gollum: "oooh, my precious scam..."

*left-jab, right-feint, left again*

ooohh, he's reeling, CROWD GOES WILD!
Posted by BuyTex on :

did I knock you out?

sorry, dude, just slap-boxing, lol...

Wake up...

wake up...I'm sure you've got another SCAM in you!
Posted by toony on :
your funny i boxed in the golded gloves for three years any time you want to try me i will give you what you are looking for punky boy
Posted by GVMOORE on :
Who won. Blood dripping out my pc. Where are the bottom picks. That's
ok . No buying power left. Put it all on the line with BLYC since HISC has
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Boxing? I have to many broken knuckles.
Prefer my Army issue Colt .45 now. hehe

The thing is like a wild roundhouse right, if it hits ya, your going down.
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
my bottom pick is SPAB
Posted by GVMOORE on :
My bottom pick is IGTN for the next several
day. We honor JasonTT for finding this gem.
Lets give him a star.
Posted by Peaser01 on :
My pick for next week is RNVO
Posted by Sixela on :
Originally posted by BuyTex:
a BOXING ring!

ha ha ha...

you wouldn't last 30 seconds with a

get back to what you and your crowd do best, Gollum: "oooh, my precious scam..."

*left-jab, right-feint, left again*

ooohh, he's reeling, CROWD GOES WILD!

It's post like this from Bagtex that isn't needed.That is the reason why I ignore him.
Posted by BuyTex on :
I'm crushed...funny you take that post out of context,

Hey, what's the low-float pick this week?
Posted by Sixela on :
Next week Low floater is "TITS" she is going to bounce. Try not to get stuck at the top like you do with all the other picks you invest in BagTex
Posted by BuyTex on :
typical--thought you were ignoring my posts, gollum

lol, you registered in July? How might you be familiar with my trading?
Posted by Sixela on :
Pretty simple. I just do a search for the stocks you invest in and it appears to me you are bag holding alot of them. That is why I am calling you BagTex instead of Buytex. Or should i call you BuyBags. Which one do you prefer?
Posted by BuyTex on :
Ahh, so you're *not* ignoring me, then. More like following me around, lol You mean you search on my nick and weed through threads looking for when i say i'm in or out? Why would you care what I buy?
Posted by GVMOORE on :
IGTN Increased earnings, no debt, cash reserves
New products and move to the OCTBB. Buying the
dips. Got to believe in something or you fall
for anything. Don't buy unless you can see what
I think I see. GLTA>
Posted by GVMOORE on :
IGTN Bagged 3. Looking for more on a flip.
It moved up all day with out me. Still looking
for a pullback around .0092 .0104 range till
audit. Maybe a double dip bottom .0075 or It may
just keep climbing. Had planned to stay in
but a broken promise of an audit last wk just
pissssss me off. Thanks for any negative comments
before I reload. GLTA>

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