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Posted by bill1352 on :
SCMI is the bottom play...the 2 have worked together for a while & are looking for a 1 to 1 stock merger by the end of the month. they are into putting the decoding & security on cd's. stopping pirating & adding the dvd extras. a very big up & coming field in the music industry. both worth watching over the next week or 2
Posted by bill1352 on :
the merger between these 2 was aimed for end of the coming week. the draw back is in a 1 for 1 stock merger MMXT's o/s will double as they will be the surviving company, they are fully reporting. but the profit will double too as they split all incoming money now & 400 million isnt that bad on OTC & the industry they are in is starting to explode. with the screaming about star wars being bootlegged already soon DVD will be copy protected too.

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