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Posted by bill1352 on :
this is just above its 52 week low of .0017. i'm in at .002. i'm looking for .003 by the end of this week. its 6 month average is about .004. & forget that run to .04
Posted by cvrockies on :
The run was up to .09 although very briefly,

could go there again i think, maybe higher.

.05 would be nice though
Posted by bill1352 on :
cant see that happening...runs from .002 to .04 or higher are rare & take group plays. could see .01 but i'm looking for a 50% gain anything over is extra gravy.
Posted by cvrockies on :
well history says it will, but I am getting alittle frustrated with the PR blackout. Maybe you are right.01 would be lucky, especially if it keeps doing this.

But I am hoping that History will repeat itself, the only problem is that there is no room for hope in the market
Posted by net10708 on :
WFTV has real volatile spikes. I want to be holding this baby when the next one comes. Not selling one share. WFTV spikes are quite generous indeed.

Funny watching the sub .002 shares get snatched up today. People, tired of holding, getting out at long last --- only to watch the fun begin.

Hopes to you all hanging in there. I hope we get PR before a spike happens. I would hate to have to decide on whether or not PR is on the way when this thing is up 50%. PR could explode it.
Posted by cvrockies on :
I am not selling until the PR comes.

I wish i was the lucky guy that bought 6,000,000 shares at .0017
Posted by nomijr on :
Want spikes play group picks. Messing with WFTV will get you burned if you do not get out at the right time. Fair warning... I know a group will pick this up and then "drop it like its hoootttt" and you guys will be come bagholders of them all. Almost worse then the people at CNES. well maybe not as bad but you get the point. Bill said it best only a group can run this and once they dip and if you are still there you will lose all of your funds.
Posted by bill1352 on :
looking at its history the runs .04 & up went on for 8 or 9 trading days. head .04 drop then up to .02 a month later. this might be the .02 run but if expected news hits ya never know. remember if the run lasts 8 or 9 days not all will end green.

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