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Posted by blueranger on :
lets start a forum for bottom feeding
we could buy good pennies that are on
the bottom of there cycle..
Posted by jake_the_snake on :
I am in!!!!
Posted by blueranger on :
it seems that people lose money on every stock we
talk about... cause the buy on news day.. and
then they get impatent and sell on down day..
but every one of these all come back.. today
ttcs doubled and it had been in the pits...

when i sell a sock i leave a few shares in the
back of my account so i can watch it.. and we
may make money 3 or 4 times a year on a stock.

right now ncdp and msep are down...anyone know of
any others that are on the bottom.
Posted by Bob Frey on :

Will give it a try. See above.
Posted by bmaxingout on :
hi all im new to site but have one for all to look into OMOG its not excalty at the bottom but might as well be I purchased a large posistion about two years ago and have not regretted it since.they have a good balance sheet and they have been not just buying their shares back but they have been retiring them in large quanties.I feel that it could reach 1.00 in a year or two I recommond buy large and hold good luck and happy hunting

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