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Posted by blueranger on :
omog is coming off of a bottom...
Posted by *Magnetic*Microspheres* on :
blueranger take a look at ICDT; I think it has hit bottom and starting to get some attention.
Posted by Sgt. Steiner on :
What makes you think ICDT will take off???
Posted by Sgt. Steiner on :
Being that Mr Microspheres seems like an expert on the reverse split board when I saw him recommend a stock pic I bought and asked questions later. Within 1 hour it went up over 700%. Would just like to say thank you and wondering if you see this uptrend continuing or pulling back. Again THANK YOU SIR
Posted by *Magnetic*Microspheres* on :
Sgt. it looks like someone has chubby fingers it should correct in the morning.
3:59:56 PM Bid 0.0011 5000
3:57:16 PM Bid 0.001 5000
3:52:44 PM Bid 0.0011 5000
3:52:42 PM Ask 0.0012 5000
3:52:36 PM Trade 0.011 300000
3:52:28 PM Trade 0.001 345000
PPS IMO is at it's bottom;time will tell....
Posted by Sgt. Steiner on :
Ya thats what Ive been hearing should have known I would never have that kinda luck. Still looks like a good pic though

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