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Posted by moe7755 on :
I haven't been playing the penny stocks for about four to five years but, back then the message boards were very active, now i don't see anybody on them anymore...does anyone know why?

I used to use Yahoo message board got a lot info on new or old stocks. Even though i new everything came out of a boiler room some was very entertaining and helpful and even made a lot of money.

I feel in order to play penny stocks you need message boards.
Posted by raybond on :
Hi Moe I don't know why but the board here just died.

There was so many scams in the pennies people just quit.

I lost a lot of friends Doc, boulder, chopper. Tex,
Ktrain and dwag just to name a few
Posted by moe7755 on :
Do you know of any other popular hot spots for pennies message boards. Because, you need message boards in order to pump the garbage. JMO
Posted by raybond on :
moe I heard investors hub was still going pretty good but I really don,t know.
Posted by QBID4ME on :
Hey Raybond and Moe7755 I am still alive, juts gave up on penny stocks but now making some bank in the MJ stocks (Doc)
Posted by Doctoall on :
Raybond and Moe7755 Whats up with this site, dead dead dead. Time to revive

Posted by raybond on :
nice to see you around DOC maybe we can pump some life in this board.
Posted by Doctoall on :
It needs a major transfusion, but maybe we can get some life back.
Posted by Bob Frey on :
Hello to all

Main reason ( in my opinion ) for penny stocks not being what they were is that they came up with the frequent trading rule which says unless you have 25k in your brokerage account your trading is very limited. Kids cant start with there lunch money and day trade.

Yes the board has been all but dead lately. Still gets a couple thousand lurkers every day though. Site is still OK and getting about 7,000 unique per day. Fair Value and Chart pages main draw.
Posted by Happy Valley on :
I think the growing popularity of options trading is a big reason penny stocks are not nearly as popular as they were 10-15 years ago. When you really sit back an think about it, many of the bagpile, garbage stocks we traded here back in the day were like buying way OTM options with no expiration date.
Posted by CashCowMoo on :
Well the off topic board should be THRIVING with so much to talk about.
Posted by raybond on :
you are right cash the off target should be running like a raped ape but its not. If other members feel like I do , just sick of politics, they don't post.
Posted by raybond on :
Hey cash why don't you post something maybe you can get the blood flowing again
Posted by NR on :
I dont play pennies anymore, just invest in stocks over 5$, got tired of bs bagholding. I still lurk the off-topic every few months but most of the veterans here stopped posting a long time ago so I dont frequent this board as often as I used to. I think maybe everyone took themselves and their political opinions way too seriously, got mad, and left.
Posted by raybond on :
NR thank you for your reply.

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