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Posted by glassman on :
Is failing to protect Classified documents at the Sec of State level Treason?

All documents going across the Sec Sttes desk are classified until they are reviewed and declassified. Hillary failed to protect every single one of the electronic documents. Looks treasonous to me. But since she's a politician nobody will consider this seriously.
Posted by buckstalker on :
Posted by glassman on :
I'm really disappointed in the NSA for not stepping in on this. They had to know and if they didn't i'm even more disappointed in them. They watch all of us, but not their own?
Posted by Relentless. on :
Who do you think the NSA works for?
Posted by glassman on :
Posted by Relentless. on :
As much as I habitate in the conspiracy realm, I really haven't gone that route with my prevailing perception. I haven't made the Israel controls everything/Zionist conspiracy leap yet.

Not sure why other than it seems popular and I tend to doubt what is popular.

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