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Posted by glassman on :
running for president? OMG, did we destroy the world and enter some sort of weird quantum matrix?
Posted by raybond on :
Despite his hidden far-right tendencies, Jeb would have trouble surviving a GOP primary, where the voters oppose any wavering from purity. And if he publicly goes farther right to win the nomination, he will be shunned by true moderates and progressives in the general election.

One chance old Jeb would have is he would bring all the half baked lunatics out of the woodwork and to the polls.
Posted by glassman on :
i agree with your analysis ray, but, and here's the "rub", i would have said something like that about Dubya with an added "nobody would vote for somebody that stupid", but they did....

it's just plain bizzarre... like Cheney getting on TV sunday and saying there was no torture even tho we hung Japanese Officers for waterboarding....

I guess if you live long enough you'll see it all...
Posted by CashCowMoo on :
Just what this country needs... Bush Vs Clinton

Can the Democrats not get anyone better, and the Republicans the same? Some new blood? Hell I even agree with Elizabeth Warren on her views about Wall St. However, Wall St money would never allow Warren to win. The Clintons are friends to the financial markets and the Chinese. Jeb seems to be warm to cheap migrant wage earners for southern states.
Posted by glassman on :
Bush's family is even closer to the Chinese than the Clintons are. Daddy Bush was the second US Envoy to China in '73....
Posted by raybond on :
as for the whole Bush family any WW11 vet that ever had a NAZI bullet fired at them or the relatives of such men. They should demand the whole family be hung and buried in Germany.

As for Jeb the only way he could win an election is cheat like his brother did.

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