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Posted by DWE on :

I'm collector 2 certain kinds of vehicles. One is Chevrolet El Caminos and the other is Oldsmobile Cieras.

I recently missed out on an opportunity to purchase a nearly new 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera that was owned by a little old lady who was selling it cheap because she just wanted to get rid of it since she's not able to drive properly anymore. This Oldsmobile Ciera was in PRIMO condition inside and out with only 25,000 original miles on it. I'm still trying to get over this missed opportunity. [Mad]

These Oldsmobile Cieras are getting harder and harder to find as time goes by, especially the ones that are or were owned by elderly drivers. Those are the cars that have spent most of their lives in a garage, almost untouched and usually in absolute MINT CONDITION.

If there is anyone here who knows of anybody that owns a 1993, 1995 or 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera in good to excellent to mint condition that might be interested in selling, please let me know by private messaging me. Or..... If you're also looking for a car and you're checking out an auto website, and if you possibly just cross over a 93, 95 or 96 Oldsmobile Ciera for sale with low miles and in good, excellent or mint condition, please let me know the web address.

I would really appreciate your help.

Good day, hope all of you make tons of money and Happy New Year!

Regards, Dean "DWE"
Posted by DWE on :
Jim..... Thanks for the website. After calling the owner of the car, he had already sold it. [Frown]
Posted by mjm2005 on : min_price=&max_price=&distance=0&address=07928&x=111&y=8

I used my zipcode...feel free to change it...

The site is though
Posted by mjm2005 on :
sorry for the ridiculously long link...

I'll send another for the Oldsmobile...

Also, what about eBay?
Posted by mjm2005 on : min_price=&max_price=&distance=25&address=07928&x=72&y=7 eNumResultsPerPage=0&sortorder=descending&sortfield=PRICE+descending&certifiedOnly=false&criteria=K-%7CE-%7CM-_9_%7CD-_87_%7CN-N%7CR-10000%7CI-1%7CP-PRICE+descending%7CQ-descending %7CZ-07928&aff=national&aff=national argeNumResultsPerPage=0&sortorder=descending&sortfield=PRICE+descending&certifiedOnly=false&criteria=K-%7CE-%7CM-_37_%7CD-_4322_%7CN-N%7CR-10000%7CI-1%7CP-PRICE+descending%7CQ-desc ending%7CZ-07928&aff=national&aff=national
Posted by DWE on :
Hey mjm2005..... Thanks for all the links! I check eBay on a frequent basis and there's only about 4 listings of Olds Cieras that don't match my specifications. I will take a look at the links after today's trading session. Thanks again! Regards, Dean

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Posted by mjm2005 on :
No problem... There seem to be a good amount of those models...

But, I didn't know what type of trim you were looking for...

If those links expire or anything, it's--
Posted by DWE on :
The one I described above had a silver grey exterior with a light tan interior. It was PERFECT and was still brand new inside and out. Suprisingly, I didn't notice ANY knicks, dents or ANY other flaws with the car especially coming from a lady in her early 80s. I don't think I will ever see one like that again. (The car that is, not the lady). [Razz]
Posted by DWE on :
Just bought me a nearly new 1998 fully loaded Toyota Camry today from an elderly couple for just under 5 grand! I've always wanted one of those Camrys with the late 90s style. Camrys still looked like cars 8 years ago. I hate the new style of today's Camry.
Posted by Dardadog on :
Nice find. I had a '98 in '98. Nice lil' ride.

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