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Posted by paulbest on :
Maybe its early, but time to give the editors a chance to work ideas in.

I was thinking instead of the 2 forums with stocks priced at 10 and under, and 11+ , we could have a board for 1)under a penny, 2)over a penny upto 10 cents, 3) 10 cents to $1, 4)over $1.
thats 4 forums.
I realize some stocks cross over the borders at tiomes, a 86 center may go to 1,25, but it stared in the under $1.
These 4 categories seem to be the general yet consistent ranges that certain stocks trade in over a given year period.

So even if a 50 cent stock all of a sudden moves up above the $1 range, it should stay in the under $1, thats where it started from.
These 4 will be for PK's/OB's only
We can keep the NASDAQ, AMEX forum open.
Also the HOT STOCK forum seems to get cluttered with stocks that are not really hot, but just at a simmer.
Maybe that forum could be retitled as
This could be for all stock no matter the list exchange.

Now where can we put Juice's after hour PR posts? Juice is making a great contribution to the board with his DD efforts. I know we all greatly appreciate his hard work , and has helped us all with successful tradeing. Maybe give Juice a separate forum and at the end of the month, those PR's can be arkived.

The Stock picks only forum , not sure we need since these 6 different forums should cover everything.

Under the HOT STOCKS/BREAKING NEWS forum, news can and should be posted here, even if the news was already posted under that stocks topic.
This HS/BN forum could be locked for follow up posts.
This way everyone can find see breaking news immediaetly.

Posted by Machiavelli on :
ahh no... we have enough forums and they work just fine the way they are.... we don't need multiple forums for pennies.... though I wouldnt mind have a forum strictly for penny stocks in the $1 to $5 range....
Posted by PCola77 on :
I actually would prefer to go the other way. Just one board, because too many times I forget to look at the Free for All and Over .11 boards.

Maybe I'm the only one with A.D.D. though [Smile]

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