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Posted by bdgee on :
It would be nice if I didn't have to clear that damned options popup with the picture of What Me Worry off my monitor about three times an hour.

The damned thing will show up even when I have rebooted and haven't been connected to Allstocks in hours or days.

In otherwords, Allstocks has planted spyware trash on my hard disk!
Posted by Nirvana on :
Are you running an IBM 386? Most people have pop up blockers that take care of this stort of thing and do not get so bent out of shape that is causes a need to start a thread to reveal deep ceeded anger.
Posted by bdgee on :
You have a problem.

I don't think you have had anything positive to say about anyone, any people, or any place, while you have uttered insults about every one, every people, and every place you could think of.

You need to get some counseling, maybe.

Just for your information, I have quite excellent pop-up blockers and spyware software.

(Perhaps I am misreading your arrogant attempt at superiority, but it does seem to be that you may be of "apple persuasion", i.e., so enveloped in apple-mania that you are hopelessly ignorant of the capabilities of a computer without the artificial the crutch of apple. If I misread, my apologies, not for citing your arrogance and ignorance, but for its basis with respect to computers.)
Posted by Hannibull on :
bdgee, is allstocks the only website you encounter this with?
Try installing Ad-Aware and use it in combination with S&D Spybot. Both very good programs (especially spybot), and free



Also if you use internet explorer go to Tools - Internet Options - and click "delete cookies", that helps too sometimes but know that if you do this and you're logged in on certain websites you'll be logged out so you'll have to login again.

see if this helps. Im not sure if any of this will help but I can only try [Smile]
Posted by bdgee on :
Thanks, Hannibull,

Yes, the only thing I ever see is the one from Allstocks, though both Firefox and Mozilla ocassionally inform me they have stopped some pop-up (and where it is from, should I choose to over-ride the block).

I am running Spybot and Spyaxe, which, along with the two browsers, Firefox and Mozilla, just about prevents any unwanted stuff.

Since I use QuoteTracker and it must have IE in order to run and is written to require that it doesn't stop pop-ups of it's advertisers, if I set IE to stop pop-up, that interferes with QuoteTracker. (I don't run IE as a browser, except to shag stuff from Microsoft websites, which don't allow downloading with other browsers.)

Again, Thanks for the advise.
Posted by Bob Frey on :
Sounds like you have some kind of ad software in your computer. does not and has never used nor promoted any spyware.

There is a pop up ad through AllStocks set to once every 16 hours and you would have to visit the site to see it.

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