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Posted by BooDog on :
This pop up ad is really annoying. Can you do anything about it? My pop up blocker will block it but when it is set to do so it will not allow me to quote any posts. It also stays on with a time delay.
Thank you for any assistance.

Getting my six shooter out and loading it. Goin target hunting for pop ups!
Posted by Bob Frey on :
Will look into it. Have not had the problem from here though. Anyone else?
Posted by BooDog on :
when it shows up with the "skip this add" option it's okay, when it doesn't it's a pain.
Posted by rkitch on :
Yes Bob, I have. In fact it completely blocks the message board and locks it. I usually have to get out and then sign back in.
Posted by BooDog on :
That SAXOBANK ad needs to go. The screen ad pops up and really messes up my train of thought. I don't remember seeing this type of activity at other boards. Regular ads on the page are okay.
Thank you.
Posted by Bob Frey on : add should be blocked.
Posted by BooDog on :
Thanks Bob. I was starting to cringe everytime I flipped to another page!
Posted by Hannibull on :
I keep seeing them again, are you sure it's blocked?

TIA [Big Grin]
Posted by Bob Frey on :
Fixed again?
Posted by T e x on :
i dunno...was bugging me earlier...several times. Hasn't shown up in past five-ten minutes, though...

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