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Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
Sorry all but I figure no one will reply if this is elsewhere.
Plus what do I care. I pick WTVN, it doubles and I get 1 star.

These ratings say nothing. They mean nothing. We have awesome people like Jelly, Jim, Will, Dustoff, Peasor and so on that deserve 5 stars.

They need to revise this system as newcomers don't know who to trust or who the pumpers are.

What can be done about this? Maybe newcomers, no matter who they are start with 1 star and make their way up instead of a newcomer getting 5 stars and misleading people.

I understand we all have to do our own DD but the rating system is worthless, misleading, and needs a change.
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Just turn your stars off............
The damn things can be to easily manipulated by groups of people.
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Also, for some, they probably alter their true opinions. 'Fraid they might get star whacked for posting a negative.

Thats one reason I am generaly starless, hell I say what ever the heck I want! LOL
Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
Thanks for the reply Dustoff. I'll go turn it off now.

I just wish there was a better system of knowing who's who. Know what I mean? "Verne" lol.
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Track record! what it takes is paying attention to the honest ones.

You'll figger um out.
Posted by ShadowLurker on :
So that's why some of you don't have stars. I thought maybe ones without stars were moderators or something. Come to think of it, are there any moderators for this message board???
Posted by BuyTex on :
yes, but very shy...
Posted by keithsan on :
who's shy ?
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Can't be KTRAIN420
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Geezz, I spend to much time on this board, gotta get back to Hawaii!!
Posted by Tape worm on :
IMO no one on these boards are any kind of an expert on penny stocks. No one in the universe is an expert on penny stocks. 90% of picking a good micro penny/penny stock is luck. If we were experts. We would not have missed all the little micro pennies that have ran up 3-10,000 percent or higher. We did not even find out about them until after the fact.
Posted by keithsan on :
i disagree.

there are some very good traders. no one is perfect, not even doctors.

A. some of those plays are to risky, or non feasible financially.

b. sometimes the bid/ask difference is in the 1000 percentile and you cant even get a fill for 5k.

I watch cramer get it wrong all the time, and he has a tv audience and those arent pennies.

My method (not an expert)

buy at or close to the bottom and wait. (the trick is to know what your buying and why)
Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
Thank you for all your replies.

I do feel that there are "better" pickers than others and some that understand much more than some of the "five" star clowns.

Can the Mods fix this so that the star ratings could be made off of picks alone or would that be too much of a hassle?

I also meant to throw Keithsan's name up along with Jelly and the others metioned at the beginning. He's had picks that have turned out great.

I really enjoy discussing and learning from ya'll. This is a great board.
Posted by keithsan on :
I've just gotten lucky..

yes, it would be tough to work your system....
Posted by Robot on :
Money, you get my vote for raising the topic.

With such diverse trading styles here it's hard to recommend anything to any one, let alone a newbe. I don't know if you were around when Dardadog was a regular, but at times he posted so fast he was In and Out, and you'd still be put'n down yer coffee to look up what he was talking about.

Lots of big names don't post any more and I think ((there you go thinkin again stupid)) its because of a few picks that didn't work out. They take flack they don't need from people not up to speed and that's it...... Who needs that chit..... They make money and don't need to take krap from any body. No doubt the under ground message board is going long and strong.

My first few ventures into the market were good, and then disaster struck. That pick came from a "relative". He's still five stars to me, but we don't talk about THAT one. For that reason I never got into posting. I am learning to make money but never wanted one of my picks to loose someone else's savings. More newbes play their rent money than you think.

There are many people Here with a Lot of Valuable Info, more so than any other board. People just have to spend time here and get to know their styles.

Hang on a second.
OK i'm back

For newbes it's hard. They have been "taught" by "someone" how the market works and how to "Make Money". They come here, or any where, and start to follow the Most Popular, the Most Mentioned people on what ever board they are on and EXPECT \ HOPE to make money. Even experienced people tend to be followers from time to time. Why not? And you may trust names you see more often.

Money, you bring up a very good point my friend.

From what I have seen, this is the best board for structure, format and level headed traders there is. For me anyway.

Jus be needen a Spell\Gwammer check button in dat emty place bellow and to da wight of da message box, ah.

I love this place!

Oh, I also don't post much due to the fact it takes me to long to put this chit on paper!

For Example:

While I was formulating what to say,...................Keithsan got Lucky

Five stars to you Sir.

PRIORITIES PEOPLE,......................PRIORITIES!!!!!
Posted by MCJA on :
I'm a newbie, about a month now and I have a list of people I will listen to. Learning a little more each day and hope to add value soon
Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
I've got two stars now. Wow.
Posted by blue_in_MI on :
the star-rating thing is hit-or-miss. some of the top posters here like keithsan and Purl when she's around do have great ratings, and one could learn quite a lot from them. but also some other very good posters here have been unfairly downgraded imho. for example, because will sometimes speaks out against what i call "scam stocks", holders of those stocks can get irked at him and downgrade him, even if he's 100% correct in his concerns about said scam stocks. i ignore star ratings, but if you're of a mind to pay attention to them - at least take them with a grain of salt.

as for the "luck" thing: it certainly plays an element, but - over long time spans and lots of picks, it gets somewhat factored out imho. if one jumps around randomly and for example bought MLON or CMKX way up near the peaks despite all the warning signs: that's not "bad luck" when they crashed - that's poor DD and bad judgement. on the other hand, one can buy a series of perfectly good stocks, for very valid reasons, and still have them go do down on average; for example if a series of deals fall through or whatever reason. that might be considered at least in part "bad luck", or at least "the odds going against you".

i dont' view for example purl and keithsan's succeses in the market as "lucky". i view the market in terms of "trying to set up an array of promising risk/reward curves in your holdings". though a combination of good DD, reasoned decisions, good instincts in particularly in keithsan's case a good "system"; they have on average done quite well.

luck may play a part in individual holdings: for example maybe a few stocks did much better than they hoped, maybe a few went south even though all of their reasons for buying were very valid. if you have enough holdings over a long enough period of time, luck tends to average out and - on balance - skill and quality picks takes over the statistics of the equation.

really one also has to consider "styles", when trying to decide what input on this board might be helpful. dardadog is the master of the "10-minute hold", keithsan day-to-week holds, purl relatively long holds, etc.. lots of times i'm out of the office for a whole week at a time, so it's harder for me to follow say keith and darda's picks because they require more short-term attention during market hours.
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Is the above a "Paid Advertisement" LMAO

blue-in-my alerts .com?????

When was the last time Purl or Dardadog posted a stock? Have you been in a "Time Warp" somewhere?

If anybody has been waiting for a Purl Pick?

Well, they probably have Old Age problems by now.

Hey maybe if I pi$$ her off she will "poof" re-appear on her broom..LOL

There is more than two stock pickers around here folks...

BTW, the star system is abused by groups pumping there own kind....You figger it out, it ain't hard...Example: 1 post of a pumped Pink, and Wa-la! like magic the poster has 5 stars.....

Once in awhile? sure, but not as often as it happens. You will notice the new postrs climbing on the pump will also start showing 5 stars..It's patheticaly easy to figger out.

[ February 12, 2006, 09:26: Message edited by: Dustoff101 ]
Posted by Julia28 on :
Dustoff, Keithsan, Jelly, LIL, Matt...are all great stock pickers they deserve five star ratings...but they don't have it.(Just naming a few)

Makes me wonder.

I think the bad ratings are from the people who don't know how to play the picks that are posted.
Then relay their anger with stars.

Just my opinion.
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Julia, I added to my post above ya, better clarity..

Track record! The star system just does not work...

Julia, in a perfect world? sure the star system should work...

Problem? It doesn't work that way..
Wallace, Tex, myself and a few others have busted some mighty lousy stocks and people pumping them.....They will gang up and star whack ya when ya bust um..

I picked up sumpin like 33 1 star votes when I started posting on the Q thread that the POS was going to .0001 at that time, it was at .0018

Now? it is trading at .0001 sometimes below that in the 5th digit.

Many have thanked me in PM'S that was worth a lot more than a star rating.

[ February 12, 2006, 09:45: Message edited by: Dustoff101 ]
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Maybe one way to improve the star system would be to break it down into differant catagories.

Posted by Dustoff101 on :
I will show my stars, you decide...
I am hovering at the 2 star mark..

Watcha think, based on

Posted by Dustoff101 on :
The funniest star whacking I took was on MYOG

Went from $8.00 to $33.00

Go figger on that one! LMAO

Just to give ya an idea how goofy voters can be, one character stated MYOG type stocks were for the rich..Also sumpin about buy pennys cause you can get more shares..

Now is that funny or what! still lol

So bring um down to 2 people, heres your chance!
This could be fun! lets see if we can get me down to 1 Star!

I think about 7 1 star votes should bring it down to 1 .....Ready? start! GO!!!!!!!!!!

I like being the underdog! 1 star rules!!!!!!

Hey! then I can RE-IPO ,,do a R/N to Offduster!!!

[ February 12, 2006, 10:25: Message edited by: Dustoff101 ]
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
I got to get back to Hawaii....

Maybe Jelly will give us another monster pick....

Ready to book my flight Jelly Baby!!! Mornin!
Posted by BuyTex on :
To mirror Blue's post, there's one scamster in particular who returns time and again with new aliases and followers--he positively *lusts* after stars and has his followers not only pump each others' ratings but also whack anyone who questions their pump n dump activities...

kinda reminds me of Dr Seuss:

Now, the Star-Belly Sneetches had bellies with stars.

The Plain-Belly Sneetches had none upon thars.

Those stars weren't so big. They were really so small
you might think such a thing wouldn't matter at all . . .

It's relatively easy to read the various threads and learn who is and can be trusted; that being said, trust *no one* till it's clear, and even then don't buy sumpin just cuz so-and-so mentions it...
Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
I really like the idea Dustoff. That would be a great system if it could be.

Allstocks needs some type of system that tracks the picks as soon as they are posted and in which this happens over a period of time. When the period is over, say a few weeks or a month, then the computer system will state the facts and show the truth of picks generated. Plus competition is always a blast.

I watched Allstocks for a few months before even becoming a member and tried to keep a tract record and I have to say I am mucho grande up in the dough.

I just feel bad for newbies coming in here and throwing all they have in something that is totally worthless and dying. But then again, if they do no DD they might deserve it.

ALLSTOCKS is the place to be!!
Posted by BuyTex on :
As Dusty points out, "ratings" cover broader areas than "picks." A coupla quick examples: Magnetic works his butt off maintaining the "splits" notification thread, yet rarely announces a pick (if he does, though--pay attention, lol); Ric rarely "picks," but what a font of knowledge...

If ratings were to somehow really "matter," they should have multi-stars that are virtually locked...Posters Emeritus, if you will [Wink]

...and that's merely a coupla, quick examples...
Posted by Raptorsrule on :
Screw stars....the proofs in the pudding..period.
Posted by BuyTex on :
Originally posted by Raptorsrule:
Screw stars....the proofs in the pudding..period.

I think we agree
Posted by Dustoff101 on :
Originally posted by Raptorsrule:
Screw stars....the proofs in the pudding..period.

Somehow that leaves one strange image.LOL
Posted by bohica33 on :
Can I have A Star Please, I fell the same as MCJA does. There are a hand full of members that really like to help others.
Posted by Jelly on :
You said Screw... hee hee!
Posted by BuyTex on :
KY, you're nutzzzz...

which is why like ya
Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
Good point Raptorsrule.

I don't think there can or will be anything to come out of "stars".

Please delete this post. Thank you.
Posted by Peaser01 on :
Originally posted by Jelly:
You said Screw... hee hee!

Posted by Peaser01 on :
One thing to watch Money, is to see which people have been here the longest by seeing how many posts they have along with star ratings.

Even by doing that, there is still no guarantee.

The star system is for show IMO, it's just too bad that the newbies don't see it as that.
Posted by BuyTex on :
not to mention being raided by the groperzzzzz...... [Eek!]
Posted by Peaser01 on :
[Big Grin]
Posted by Roland on :
Don't know much about stocks yet, but i know a lot about message boards.
If you are a newbie here and looking to take someones advice, just do a seach (top of the page) on the persons name and check past posts.
Posted by plni on :
If I gave one star for every dollar ive made,and retract one for every loss you guys would still have plenty of stars.
Posted by hurricanematt on :
I think you should be able to rate your self!
I would give my self some stars.
Posted by SkipJake on :
rookies tend to over rate stars. maybe they just want a quick answer and read into messages way too much instead of doing DD. in the biginning i was guilty of that.
Posted by R1Man on :
Originally posted by Peaser01:
One thing to watch Money, is to see which people have been here the longest by seeing how many posts they have along with star ratings.

Even by doing that, there is still no guarantee.

The star system is for show IMO, it's just too bad that the newbies don't see it as that.

In that case, I have been here the longest out of everyone in this trend (4-2002). Old name was "Bill2Drunk". (forgot password and have new email).

Star ratings do play a part in how I judge someone....but when they joined and how many posts they make plays a huge factor. Some of you have nothing to do but make POSTS....Obviously in most cases. I commented on a stock pick and got 3 votes of 1 star even though I was 100% correct. People here get pissy and give others 1 star votes if they feel that they don't agree or just don't like the name. A catchy name or a picture can do wonders....JELLY added her picture to her profile and now you guys a DROOLING....LOL...(no offence Jelly). She has been on this site for less than 6 months and she is mentioned as one of the GREATS. I think track record is the best way to tell who is BS and who isn't. Lately I have noticed a flood of NEWBIES here pumping/bashing...etc here and its too the point that I don't want to even read any of the posts.....especially under Stocks Under $0.10.

Stars are good but I would love to see who rates who what....maybe be able to click your profile and see....if you click your profile you can see who you rated anyways....why not the opposite?????
Posted by R1Man on :
Lets see how many votes I get for that above.....????

10 votes
2.42 average
Posted by R1Man on :
Any way to re-rate someone once you rated them???
Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
R1 Man, I see you disabled them stars.

Since being around as long as I have, which isn't long at all compared to good ole Tex [Wink] , I've come to trust some and understand others. And some just aren't worth piss....

If your a newbie you'll come to understand what I mean after a while. Then you'll become successful by watching and learning from those that do make money.
Posted by wallymac on :
I have to agree that the rating should be based on many factors like was stated earlier by Dustoff.
and would add helpfulness.

There are many here who really try to help newbies and others that have no time or inclination to be helpful. Shoot if it wasn't for a few people here I would have lost everything and gone on to something else. I'm glad I'm still around. Learning all the time. Stars, I don't need no stinkin stars. I do however use them at times to look deeper into a particular poster. If he/she has 5 stars, I'll dig a bit deeper and see why. It's a frame of reference but only to dig deeper just like the stocks I play. Might use a scan and chart to find them but that just starts me diggin deeper.

Posted by fourseven on :
Cool. I'm glad you guys brought up the issue of the peer rating system. I think it's very flat -- the stars can be used to gauge a user's popularity, that's about it.
Posted by MoneyMoneyMoney on :
Alot depends on if your in the "click" or not also...
Posted by T e x on :
hang the cliques out on the clothes line...then throw rocks at 'em... [Big Grin]

allz ya gotta do is post well: make reasonable statements, provide some DD to back it up, then throw in a joke once in a while... [Roll Eyes]

It ain't all that difficult, really...
Posted by BooDog on :
Is there a way to change a rating I have given another member?
Posted by Bob Frey on :
No Sorry
Posted by BooDog on :
sorry for the 1 star juice! i would take it back if i could but i hit the wrong button!
Posted by Gordon Bennett on :
Is there a way for the administrator to change his own rating?

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