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Posted by explorer186 on :
Okay, who the closed my thread:

If some guy can have a negative thread on TNOG, I want a positive thread! So, who was it? And why? Open it up again please. It's better than this thread which is a disservice to TNOG shareholders:

I want accountability!
Posted by keithsan on :
one stock, one thread. Its pretty simple.
Posted by explorer186 on :
Yeah, I can see that! At least for TNOG. What peeves me is the bias of those picking the threads to be closed/open.

It seems the TNOG thread problem is fixed now.
Posted by keithsan on :
the earlier ones or more posted ones stay open at times a new thread does start.
Posted by BooDog on :
who closed the pump topic on VLTS? why why why???? I was chasin some pumpers!
Posted by Bob Frey on :
Need to have the stock symbol in the subject.

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