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Posted by L Cypher on :
I think it's a good idea to make a stictly OTC stock forum. The 'Micropenny...' forum is the obviously the most active, so people often post stocks over .10 in that forum. Having strictly OTC stocks in one forum would help give stocks over .10 in this
market attention and eliminate the need for cross-posting. Many people shy away from the over the counter/pink sheet market altogether, this would help give them an obvious place to go. Regardless, Allstocks is definitely my favorite stock board.

Many Thanx To Everyone.


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Posted by L Cypher on :
Just want to add, a forum for sotcks under .01 would be nice too. It seems alot of people are looking for these after QBID.

It would also be good to have a place for all the CMKX threads.


Posted by Allstocks on :
There are more posts on the under .10 thread but the hot stocks thread gets about 3 times as many views.

Anyone else think an otcbb thread is nessesary?

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