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Listed below are some of the rules of trading that I try to follow.

Be sure to read my Disclaimer!

-NEVER invest more than what you can afford to lose.
-The best time to buy a penny stock is when its in a period of a narrow trading at low price and low volume.
-Dont get caught up in the 'herd' mentality, always BE A CONTRARIAN! buy when everybody else is selling, sell when everybody is buying!
-The best time to get into the market is when it looks its worst. The worst time is when it looks its best.
-Diversify your portfolio, dont put all your eggs into one basket.
-Always have some spare cash handy. (Slush fund)
-If you missed a trade, dont worry, there is always another.
-When your stock doubles, sell half thereby recovering your initial investment.
-Dont chase a stock, let it come to you.
-Avoid high priced penny stocks. When a penny stock runs +100% in one day, it can drop just as fast.
-Do not attempt to day trade without real time quotes.


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