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Telvue Corporation

shares o/s - 23 mil (chairman of board owns 85% of shares)
float - 4.5 mil
public float - 2.5mil (less insiders)

fully reporting with SEC


have been profitable for a year and a half

TelVue Corporation currently processes more than 4 million Pay Per View
transactions per month via telephone, for over 700 cable affiliates. In
the fall, they will roll out a service which will allow Pay Per View ordering
over the internet. Their
internet PPV ordering system has been tested for several months and is
expected to conclude this month. Cable subscribers can order PPV movies and
events using the Internet instead of their telephone.

A list of some of TEVE's products and services: (not including the soon to
be rolled out Internet PPV ordering)

TEVE has developed the pay-per-view (PPV) phone ordering system where you
can call up and order PPV programming by hitting a few keys on the phone
without an attendant and their system automatically bills the customer, sends
the signal to the satellite, and descrambles the appropriate PPV
channel....also they have just finished demo-ing their new internet PPV
ordering system to cable companies(same type of deal but you order over the
internet and they have received the necessary patents for it ....they are
nearly done the test run of the website and the testing will be done by end of
month at which time they will announce the success of it and the new contracts
with the cable companies.... Was told they had worked out agreements so that
all cable companies would implement their PPV ordering system but this release
was not sent to the major wires, only the local wires...he is looking into
possibly re-issuing that PR since most investors never read it.....TEVE also
provides cable advertisement and programming and they also have individual
deals with companies like WWF, WCW, and Playboy to link from their page
directly to the TEVE ordering system to order the PPV events....

TEVE also receives revenue based on each hit to their system from WWF, WCW,
Playboy, etc.'s homepage

Stock is trading pretty close to it's all time low and looking at charts,
it ran from .08 to .28 on just a few hundred k when they released their
10k.....TEVE's expectations is that this will be a .50-1.00 stock once the
internet ordering system is fully up and running and all the cable companies
are connected to their systems (both phone and internet) which they have
already signed agreements for !!

Frank's (CEO) projections for this year are (not including the internet
ordering system):
1,244,000 NEW addressable subscribers
$6,989,441 in Gross Revenue (does not include Internet orders)
$4,245,916 Gross Profit
$970,498 Net Income
additionally, they have just recently paid off their $3million debt


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